God knew

In early November last year, we found a sixty-pack of terry towelling cloths that we thought would be perfect for wiping up the spills our soon-to-be-born baby would make after feeding. The only thing that put us off was the number. Sixty seemed like a lot. Nevertheless we dumped them in our trolley, resolving to give some away to other friends who were expecting.

Fast forward 4 months, and we’ve discovered that these were one of the best purchases we made for our little one. Even before she was born, God knew she would be a reflux baby.

some of the sixty


5 thoughts on “God knew

  1. Karen says:

    Yes indeed, they are very useful! We used our terry towelling squares as cloth nappies years ago, then graduated to the fitted cloth variety. Now they are the best spit-up collectors ever! We don’t go anywhere without a cloth draped over us/stuffed into the sling/underneath where we put him down…his vomits can be very random and not always immediately after feeds either 🙂

  2. macsinsyd says:

    Hi Sarah! We have a stack of cloth nappies that we used to use as nappies (fitted ones weren’t so popular when we first started, and by the 3rd it wasn’t worth the investment) – but I’m with you — they are just the most useful sized towel cloth there is! We keep a stack on our fridge to wipe up spills, and some in the dining room, and some in the laundry – they are such a good thing to have around the place. Yours are looking much fluffier and whiter than ours, I must say…

  3. Cath says:

    PS I saw Izaak this morning and it made me think I must come home and check your blog. After leaving this post I checked my email and saw you’ve left a comment over at my blog – funny coincidence!

    See you round sometime… 😉

    • sarahcowling says:

      Cath, forgot to ask the other day…do you leave them in the fridge to wipe up fridge spills, or to chill them so you can wipe the spills on the kids’ faces?

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