Doing it alone

Izaac left for college mission this morning. Even though he’s out at college other days, the place feels more empty knowing he won’t be coming in the door tonight.

So far so good on the homefront though. There’s only been tears from the littlest member of the household, but that’s usual. I’ve chopped the vegetables for my dinner during the little one’s naptime to ensure I actually eat something. Even if they are raw. I’m hopeful that the evening won’t be too rough and I’ll get to curl up on the lounge watching some hideously chicky TV on DVD.

If you don’t hear from me again, you’ll know things have taken a turn for the worst.


4 thoughts on “Doing it alone

  1. Karen says:

    Hope all went okay… 🙂
    And too late now, I know, but eating the vegies raw might have been better nutritionally anyway!
    Hope everything else is going well too. We have just started solids here this morning with Master Rowan, I felt a bit sad about it 😦

    • sarahcowling says:

      Yes, we survived!

      We’re much more used to having Zoe around now, and it’s nice to be able to enjoy her and watch her grow. I’m waiting for the day when her reflux gets better, because it’s pretty nasty, but other than that all is well.

      She started on solids a little while back on the Dr’s recommendations that it would help with the reflux. She’s definitely not bringing up as much because it’s being weighed down by the thicker consistency, so I think it’s been good. Plus, she loves vegetables!

      It does feel like a big step though. I hope little Rowan enjoys his tucker, and that you can start enjoying the messiness that is commencing solids!


  2. Soph Russell says:

    hope it’s going okay. I remember how tough MTC missions can be sometimes!

    • sarahcowling says:

      We’re going great guns, Soph!

      The man of the house is coming home to stay tonight, which is exciting (and helps to break up the week)! Thankful for his caring chaplain.

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