The right encouragement at the right time

Friday morning is Bible study morning. Unfortunately I’ve come to dread this time of week. I come away feeling exhausted rather than refreshed, grumbly rather than thankful, embarrassed by my little one’s constant whining and jealous of the other mother’s whose babies quietly play on the floor at their feet. I think there were 15 vomits I needed to wipe up between 10am and 12noon. No exaggeration.

This morning after two hours of wrestling little miss 6 months old, yet again feeling tired and like it wasn’t at all worth the effort because I hadn’t even been able to pick up my Bible, my friend turned to me and with sympathy in her eyes said “Zoe is really lucky to have a Mum like you. God knew you’d be able to cope with her needs and that you wouldn’t become detached. She’s really lucky”.

Trying to squash the part of my mind that thought, “I do feel detached half the time”, I apologised for my tears and thanked her for recognising that I was finding it hard.

It was worth us leaving the house this morning just so God could encourage me through the kind words and encouragement from my sister.*


*And to have Zoe eventually snuggle in for a 10 minute nap at the end of Bible study.




8 thoughts on “The right encouragement at the right time

  1. Erin says:

    What a lovely story. Praise god for words like that.

  2. Nadine says:

    I agree 🙂 I’m so encouraged by your gentleness, patience and clear love and care for Zoe despite exhaustion.. xx

  3. allymarell says:

    I’ve been feeling this a lot lately, too, though not because of a baby… What a wonderful friend. I’ve also lately been rebuked about being a friend like that (been reading Proverbs). Thank you for this post.

  4. Karen says:

    We’ve been struggling a little bit at Bible Study lately too. Rowan’s transitioning to a new eating routine with his solids, and he doesn’t breastfeed well when we’re out anymore. And he’s not so easy to put to sleep when we’re out either. We had a pretty ordinary Bible study a couple of weeks ago where I tried to feed him and he yelled and carried on and it all just felt like a waste of time being there.
    Like you, someone said some kind words to me afterwards and that does make it feel like it’s worth the effort of going.
    Hang in there, I’m sure just the effort of turning up is appreciated sometimes 🙂

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