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White noise

Not even the tweet of a bird in flight escapes my daughter’s ears.

I have learnt many new things in the last three months. One of them being that babies with reflux are very light sleepers. At any slight noise Zoe’s eyes snap open, and as she’s yet to learn how to get herself back to sleep, there’s been many frustrating moments when the fully sick car has sped up our street, the excitable uni students/college students have cackled past her window, or on garbage day.*

That was until I discovered the usefulness of white noise. I switch the radio onto the fuzzy, snow storm sound and that usually gets her through most of the sounds that accompany inner west living.


*NB// The racket that accompanies college handball is yet to wake her.


So cultured

We’re exercising our cultured selves tonight, with a trip to see the Sydney Philharmonia Choir. It’s a shame our star performer pal will no longer be on stage (get well soon!)

Nevertheless, I’m looking forward to an ear-tingling evening.

Thanksgiving #3

Today I am thankful that when we started going out Izaac introduced me to Dashboard Confessional. Now, when the situation calls for it, my venting can be appropriately accompanied by the perfect teen-angst sound.

I must remember

Sometimes I worry about not having anything new to say when I’m leading a study or giving a talk on a familiar Bible passage. I don’t want to seem like a dull, boring nag.

However, one of my lecturers recently pointed out that most of the Christian life is about remembering, so I needn’t worry about not saying anything new, but rather ensure that I am reminding people of what God has said and done throughout history.

I found that helpful.

My talk

I gave my first ever Bible talk today. A group of my peers and two faculty members were asked to give feedback. Here is a selection:

  • They said I was very smiley. Good.
  • They thought the talk was interesting and relevant to them. Even better.
  • They also believed I was faithful to the Bible text I was using. Best!
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