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He’s back!

Enjoying two days of family time (a.k.a. post college mission recuperation time). Today has been especially nice.

We’ve been swimming at the pool near our house then sat in the morning sun at the park. We’ve eaten ham and cheese rolls collected from the bread room at college, and we’re now waiting for friends to join us for lunch at home. Tonight we’re looking forward to cooking up a childhood favourite for dinner and then settling in on the lounge for The Biggest Loser finale.

It’s good being all together again.


What have I become?

I don’t know how it’s happened, but somehow I have started semi-regularly watching Ellen. Shall I blame the baby?

Worse than this news, however, is that three days ago I actually got up off the lounge and danced along with her and the studio audience to some remix that was trendy 5 years ago. And not even in the circles I run in.

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