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Special delivery

This morning I had a package hand delivered at the international airport by my Aunty and Uncle who had just arrived from the USA on the A380. The exchange was over within 2 minutes as I raced back out the front to get in the car and they raced off to catch their connecting flight to rural NSW. I’m looking forward to spending my afternoon making some buttons on my new machine, experimenting with different fabrics, prints and colours.



Tonight I had a go at making buttons. The three words I would use to describe this activity are: easy, fun and addictive. I can’t pick my favourite, but the Grape Soda one is made especially for Izaac. I even got to pin it on him just like in Pixar’s Up.

Guess hoo-hoo got creative?

A few of the projects I’ve been doing lately…

Perkins the owl

Thanks to Ally for the owl tutorial!

Silk button earrings

Extra special as they’re from my Grannie’s wedding dress.

Bubble tea cosy

Check out the lovely Anna’s KnitKnit range here.

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