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The right encouragement at the right time

Friday morning is Bible study morning. Unfortunately I’ve come to dread this time of week. I come away feeling exhausted rather than refreshed, grumbly rather than thankful, embarrassed by my little one’s constant whining and jealous of the other mother’s whose babies quietly play on the floor at their feet. I think there were 15 vomits I needed to wipe up between 10am and 12noon. No exaggeration.

This morning after two hours of wrestling little miss 6 months old, yet again feeling tired and like it wasn’t at all worth the effort because I hadn’t even been able to pick up my Bible, my friend turned to me and with sympathy in her eyes said “Zoe is really lucky to have a Mum like you. God knew you’d be able to cope with her needs and that you wouldn’t become detached. She’s really lucky”.

Trying to squash the part of my mind that thought, “I do feel detached half the time”, I apologised for my tears and thanked her for recognising that I was finding it hard.

It was worth us leaving the house this morning just so God could encourage me through the kind words and encouragement from my sister.*


*And to have Zoe eventually snuggle in for a 10 minute nap at the end of Bible study.




Doing it alone

Izaac left for college mission this morning. Even though he’s out at college other days, the place feels more empty knowing he won’t be coming in the door tonight.

So far so good on the homefront though. There’s only been tears from the littlest member of the household, but that’s usual. I’ve chopped the vegetables for my dinner during the little one’s naptime to ensure I actually eat something. Even if they are raw. I’m hopeful that the evening won’t be too rough and I’ll get to curl up on the lounge watching some hideously chicky TV on DVD.

If you don’t hear from me again, you’ll know things have taken a turn for the worst.

God knew

In early November last year, we found a sixty-pack of terry towelling cloths that we thought would be perfect for wiping up the spills our soon-to-be-born baby would make after feeding. The only thing that put us off was the number. Sixty seemed like a lot. Nevertheless we dumped them in our trolley, resolving to give some away to other friends who were expecting.

Fast forward 4 months, and we’ve discovered that these were one of the best purchases we made for our little one. Even before she was born, God knew she would be a reflux baby.

some of the sixty

What have I become?

I don’t know how it’s happened, but somehow I have started semi-regularly watching Ellen. Shall I blame the baby?

Worse than this news, however, is that three days ago I actually got up off the lounge and danced along with her and the studio audience to some remix that was trendy 5 years ago. And not even in the circles I run in.

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