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Home delivery

Not to be outdone by the meal provided by our friends from north of the border, our equally charming friends from NSW provided a home delivered dinner for us too. From the other side of Sydney.

How thankful we are for these unusual, but very cool kindnesses.

The Sultan's Table


The coffee machine

I never thought I’d own a coffee machine. But once my husband got into road cycling, there was little doubt we’d end up with one. Apparently hard-core cyclists and coffee aficionados go hand in hand.

‘Silvia’ has been a part of our family for three days now. Feels like she’s always been here. The product she produces is exceptional, and the way she makes our house smell is divinely cafe-esque. At this stage, I’m limiting myself to one cup a day (because with the convenience, it could all too quickly become a rotten habit). But you know, I can see this one, smooth cup quickly becoming a beloved morning ritual.


Sweet but salty

Lemon crisp biscuits are my all time favourite, with the sweet inner encased in salty, moreish bikkies. Perfect.

But since the Superbowl celebrations earlier this week, I’ve been enjoying another sweet but salty treat. Peanut butter cups. Similarly, they hit the spot in the sweet stakes, but have a hint of saltiness in the peanut butter middle.

Fried rice also takes my fancy, particularly if the levels of soy sauce and vegetables are just right.

So, I’m on the hunt for other foods that possess this fabulous flavour combination. Any tip-offs?

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