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Home delivery

Not to be outdone by the meal provided by our friends from north of the border, our equally charming friends from NSW provided a home delivered dinner for us too. From the other side of Sydney.

How thankful we are for these unusual, but very cool kindnesses.

The Sultan's Table


Missing college

Today Izaac went back to college.

Having moved into college accommodation, I can still hear the chatter of the morning tea catch ups and the raucous handball games, but from a distance. It’s tempting to want to spend my days over with everyone else, head in the books and enjoying the lunch spreads.  I miss my friends already, and how easy it was to spend time with my husband by nature of studying together. I wonder what they’re learning and what songs they sung in chapel? Was it lasagne for lunch today?

I’m still very much an L-plater when it comes to spending my days around the home caring for Zoe. I want to be able to spend my time well, not being lazy and not wasting my days. We’ve started to settle into a routine over the past nearly-3-months, so now it’s about working out what that looks like without Izaac here all day. I’m so thankful for this new challenge.

She’s gone

My Mum left early this morning to catch the train home.

So thankful for her love, care and advice. I’m going to miss her.


You may have noticed my daily photos have come to a standstill. That’s because my daily walks where I’d take the photo also stopped. On 22/11/11 I ran a marathon instead.

Our daughter Zoe joined our family last week, weighing 3.77kg and measuring 52cm. What a precious gift from God she is! We’re enjoying getting to know her, learning all the ins and outs of this newborn stage and whiling away the hours simply staring at her.

Thanksgiving #5

Sometimes the world is so beautiful it brings me to tears.

As I walked to college this morning, I came across the prettiest sight. Making my way through the avenue of trees that lines the western entrance to my favourite park, I noticed the sun peeking through the leaves and lighting up the grass so that it almost glowed, the most perfect shade of green. It was just me there, enjoying this precious sight.

My eyes blinked away tears as I thanked God for his creativity and for giving me this glorious morning.

Hello, 2nd Yr 2011.

I received my college results today. I always feel an inkling of anxiety as I click download and wait for the transcript to appear. But I am pleased to say I am able to move on to second year in 2011!

There are some first year units which I still need to complete as I only did a 75% load this year, but I’ll mostly be keeping up with my year group, which is lovely.

Thanksgiving #4

Today I am thankful for the enjoyment I am getting from my study. With two weeks until exams, I am thankful for productive afternoons of Greek revision and fun mornings of painting the good and naughty kings of Israel and Judah.


Thanksgiving #3

Today I am thankful that when we started going out Izaac introduced me to Dashboard Confessional. Now, when the situation calls for it, my venting can be appropriately accompanied by the perfect teen-angst sound.

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