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The Week of the Lemon

I love lemons. Give me a choice of sweets made with lemon or chocolate, and I’d go lemon everytime. So imagine my delight when we scored 23 of these tangy, yellow treasures at our fruit and vegetable co-op this week!

So this week I’ve set out to create one lemon dish per day. Main or a dessert, I don’t really mind. I’ll chart my progress pictorially. I have a tentative plan on our chalkboard, but if you can adequately impress me with a lemony suggestions, you might find your recipe slips in.


I now declare The Week of the Lemon officially open!


100% YUM

As I type, I’m multi-tasking. You see, I’m also downing what you see right in front of you.

After hearing of my recent fall (update: I have a broken tailbone), friends of ours contacted us asking for our pizza preferences, and then had two delivered to our door for dinner. Plus garlic bread. Plus Coke. From Brisbane!

Are these not the greatest friends in the land?!

Down, down, down*

This morning we took a tumble down our super-steep, super-slippery stairs. Yes, I say we, because when I fell I was carrying Zoe. I wasn’t even rushing. But in a split second my heel lost contact with the 8th step from the bottom, and we came crashing down the rest, around a corner and all. Somehow I managed to keep a firm grip on Zoe’s little body, as mine jolted to the bottom, only halting as my outstretched legs slammed into the fridge.

I let out an awful scream (which I think was the only reason my fellow stumbler cried), and almost instantaneously Izaac came running down the stairs. In my shocked, teary-eyed daze, all I could see was what looked like a rapidly moving rainbow up above me (which turned out to be Izaac’s multi-coloured, striped undies).

In the end, we both fared pretty well. I’ve been reclining on the lounge for most of the day, dosed up on painkillers and with heat on my tailbone, and the little one has been dozing for long periods thanks to yesterday being 4 month immunisation day.


*Does that word not look strange when typed three times consecutively? Perhaps it is my post-fall stupor?

Raspberries: decoded

  1. ‘Good morning’
  2. ‘No more’
  3. ‘I’m tired’
  4. ‘I’m bored’
  5. ‘I know I’m as cute as you say I am’
Our girl has found her tongue.


Zoe has been, um, let’s just say, a very unsettled baby.

We spent four nights at Tresillian last week. Here are my Facebook status updates that tracked our time there.

  • Tresillian Day 1 = Freedom+Frankie.
  • Tresillian Day 2 = Anxiety+Analysing+Assisting.
  • Tresillian Day 3 = Wailing+Waiting+Winning.
  • Tresillian Day 4 = Nibbling+Napping+Nerves.
  • Tresillian Day 5 = Helped+Home.

Since then, there’ve been many more of these looks plastered on her sweet face.


What distracts you? Are you distracted by Jesus’ return, or by self-serving sandcastles?

Yesterday in community chapel, we were asked this question.

Paul reminds the Philippians to focus on the end. How foolish it is to start a race, only to fall short of the finish line, having been distracted along the way by the innumerable things vying for your attention. These things are like sandcastles; they will be washed away. Instead, strain forward to what lies ahead. Await the Saviour who will bring transformation to our tired and worn bodies.

Today, I am asking myself:

Am I pressing on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus (Philippians 3:14), or am I an enemy of the cross of Christ, glorying in my shame and setting my mind on earthly things (Philippians 3:18-19)? Do I spend my days being distracted by the thought of Jesus’ return, or by the minutiae of my earthly existence?



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