Apr 29 to May 6 – #Mooremission 2012

Later this month, mission teams from college will head to churches across Sydney, NSW and PNG to help local congregations in the work they’re doing telling people the best news ever. It’s a great time of year!

This year, the mission tech crew have upped the ante and launched a new website, where teams will be keeping the rest of us in check (and spur the other teams on) with what God’s doing around the place.

Check it out. Follow along. Get praying.



The Week of the Lemon: In review


  • The Archibald Prize was first awarded in 1921
  • The prize is named after J.F. Archibald, editor of The Bulletin at the time
  • The first prize awarded was 400 pounds
  • The prize awarded in 2012 was $75 000
  • Approximately 700 entrants each year, with only about 40 selected as finalists
  • This year’s winner, Tim Storrier, won with a self-portrait, which has been deemed quite controversial

The Week of the Lemon

I love lemons. Give me a choice of sweets made with lemon or chocolate, and I’d go lemon everytime. So imagine my delight when we scored 23 of these tangy, yellow treasures at our fruit and vegetable co-op this week!

So this week I’ve set out to create one lemon dish per day. Main or a dessert, I don’t really mind. I’ll chart my progress pictorially. I have a tentative plan on our chalkboard, but if you can adequately impress me with a lemony suggestions, you might find your recipe slips in.


I now declare The Week of the Lemon officially open!

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